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Burov Gel

Complex natural product, created as need to relieve painful conditions such as: various injuries, painful sprains and strains often associated with swelling and haematoma. Details>>

Ekcemin Parte

Nourishes the skin affected by eczema, relieves symptoms of atopic and contact dermatitis, deeply regenerates skin prone to irritation, increases hydration and restores skin elasticity. Details>>

Difoten Cream

Difoten cream is intended for the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot, which has a beneficial effect on micro-lesions and changes that occur on the feet of people with diabetes. Details>>
Donna Natura doo

Donna Natura

We are present in the market since 2000 and under current name Donna Natura d.o.o since 2007. Our concept is based on experience, tradition and natural source compounds. By carefully choosing our suppliers and the areas where the plants are grown, we maintain the high quality of our products (Burov Gel, Ekcemin Parte and Difoten Cream) and earn trust our customers. This approach has enabled us presence on various markets. In developing new ideas we are determined to maintain a combination of tradition and latest trends.
We are widely recognized by our natural products Burov Gel (to relief of various of painful conditions), Ekcemin Parte (for skin affected by eczema, atopic and contact dermatitis) and Difoten Cream (for the  treatment of diabetic foot).