Donna Natura

(Burov Gel and Ekcemin Parte, Difoten Cream)

We've been on the market since 2000. And under today's name Donna Natura d.o.o. we have been present since 2007. The concept of our house is based primarily on experience, tradition and what nature selflessly gives. By choosing the supplier and the area from which we receive the necessary herbs, we maintain the high quality of our products (Burov Gel, Ekcemin Parte and Difoten Krema) and the trust of end customers. This approach has enabled us to be present in a very selective British market, as well as in the markets of West Africa and the surrounding countries.

By constantly working on our ideas, we want to maintain a blend of tradition and new trends.
Our products, Burov Gel (for mitigation of various painful conditions), Ekcemin Parte (for eczema-infected skin care, mitigation of symptoms of atopic and contact dermatis...) Difoten Cream (for diabetes foot care), for which we are recognizable are on a plant-based basis and are completely natural.


Burov Gel®

Burov Gel is a complex herbal preparation, created as a need to ease various painful conditions such as:

Burr's gel plants contain 12 species of plants, which have been known since ancient times for their beneficial effects. Some of them are: gavez, Greek seed, chamomile, neven, cantarion,etc.
Designed as a gel, it is easier to apply, especially to the hairy parts of the body and not to grease the skin.

  • How does it work?
  • Who's it for?
  • What does it contain?
  • How do you use it?

Burov gel acts instantly, giving a sense of freshness and cooling, which due to the stimulation of blood flow soon turns into a pleasant feeling of warmth. Local anti-inflammatory and mild painkiller action quickly eases the pain.

In weakened vein circulation increases the omission of peripheral blood vessels, increases vein tone and prevents the formation of the scleuch.

  • Athletes for rapid recovery from various types of injuries and for warming muscles before physical effort
  • All physically active persons to alleviate muscle inflammation, spracling or dissema
  • Pregnant women to eliminate scavenging and feeling weight in their legs
  • Anyone who suffers from weakened vein circulation and leg cramps due to long standing
  • People suffering from symptoms of rheumatism arthritis to alleviate joint stiffness
Burr's Gel contains extracts and scrites that in addition to anti-inflammatory effects prevent capillary from rupture and fluid release outside the blood vessels, thus preventing the formation of the stifling. piskavice They increase the tone of blood vessels in the skin and affect better blood flow. Nevena and chamomile extracts act as anti-inflammatory and slightly painkillers. Pantheroel and alantoin stimulate cell growth, which speeds up the restoration of injured tissue. Mint and camphor stimulate blood flow and have a mild anesthetic effect, easing muscle and joint pain and acting soothing.
Burov Gel is intended for external application. It is recommended to apply two to three times a day to a sick or injured place. Athletes are recommended to massage Burr's Gel 15 minutes before training for faster and more efficient warming, as well as after training for faster muscle recovery.

Ekcemin Parte®

Ekcemin Parte is a cream for the care of sensitive skin of children and adults.

Ekcemin parte is easily spoiled and absorbed quickly, making it suitable for the care of all types of facial skin and whole body. Ekcemin Parte is especially recommended in eczema, especially in babies, as well as for the care of dry, sensitive and intolerant skin prone to irritation and dandruff. It helps to heal damaged skin faster and soothes the skin in inflammation, burns and dermatis.

Ekcemin Parte contains evening primrose oil, calendula Oil , pantenol, alantoin and urea, which together retain moisture in the surface layers of the skin and restore the impaired balance of the natural protective film on the surface of the skin, thereby achieving expressed hydration and regeneration.

  • Evening primrose oil
  • Calendula Oil
  • Pantheroel
  • Allantoin
  • Urea

Evening primrose oil contains essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants that prevent cell damage and strengthen their natural defense mechanisms. It soothes sensitive skin, reduces redness and itching, accelerates regeneration and epithelial skin prone to eczema and cracking.

In weakened vein circulation increases the omission of peripheral blood vessels, increases vein tone and prevents the formation of the scleuch.

Calendula Oil contains vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that speed up the healing of surface skin damage, soothing irritable skin in inflammation and burns. It maintains the natural humidity of the skin, protects it from draining and cracking.
Pantenol is a natural skin ingredient that maintains moisture in the surface layers of the skin. Pantenol is necessary for proper skin function. It restores impaired natural protection of the skin's role and protects the skin from external influences. Pantenol easily penetrates the skin structure, where it binds and retains water, making the skin soft, smooth and restores its elasticity. In damaged and ill skin, it regenerates mild damage, alleviates irritation, redness and itching.
Allantoin is a cell growth activator. It encourages epithelialization and skin regeneration. His skin is very good at it. It binds and neutralizes many irritating and sensibility and has strong anti-inflammatory effects. Alantoin studies epithelialization, alleviates existing ones and prevents new skin damage.
Urea hydrates the skin and maintains the necessary humidity.

Difoten cream®

Difoten cream is intended for the prevention and care of diabetes foot, favorably affecting micro damage and changes that occur on the feet of people with diabetes. Moisture and hydrate the skin, prevents dandruff, irritation and helps regenerate damaged skin. Active ingredients are alantoin, tracts of nanna, rosemary and nevena, which are well balanced have a strong antimicrobial and antiseptic effect and therefore prevent the possibility of infections in damaged foot skin.