Donna Natura

(Burov Gel and Ekcemin Parte, Difoten Cream)

We are present in the market since 2000 and under the current name Donna Natura d.o.o since 2007. Our concept is based on experience, tradition and natural source compounds. By carefully choosing our suppliers and the areas where the plants are grown, we maintain the high quality of our products (Burov Gel, Ekcemin Parte and Difoten Cream) and earn trust our customers.

This approach has enabled our presence in various markets. In developing new ideas we are determined to maintain a combination of tradition and the latest trends.
Our natural products, Burov Gel (to relief of various of painful conditions), Ekcemin Parte (for skin affected by eczema, atopic and contact dermatitis...) Difoten Cream (for the treatment of diabetic foot).


Burov Gel®

Burov Gel is a complex natural product, relieves pain associated with conditions such as:

Burov gel contains 12 plants, recognized for its beneficial effects like: comfreygreek seedchamomilecalendulaSt. John’s wort, and more.
Gel formulation is easy to apply and is easily tolerated by skin.

  • How does it work?
  • Who can benefit?
  • How it's made?
  • How to use it?

Burov gel works currently giving instant feeling of freshness and cooling. Due to stimulation of local blood flow, it quickly turns into a pleasant feeling of warmth. Local anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic effect quickly relieves pain.

In conditions of impaired venous circulation increases the tone of veins and prevents swelling.

  • Athletes for a faster recovery from various injuries and for muscle warming before the activities
  • All physically active people to relieve sore muscles, sprains and strains
  • Pregnant women for the elimination of tired, heavy and swollen leg feeling
  • Everyone who suffer from impaired venous circulation and leg cramps
  • People who suffer from the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis to relieve joint stiffness
Burov Gel contains extracts of comfrey and fenugreek known for it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect. Extracts of calendula and chamomile have anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic effect. Panthenol and allantoin stimulate cell growth which accelerates regeneration of damaged tissue. Menthol and camphor stimulate blood flow and have a mild anesthetic effect which relieves muscle and joint pain in addition to soothing effect.
Burov Gel is for external use only. It should be applied two to three times a day to the affected or injured area. Athletes are recommended to massage Gel Burov 15 minutes before workout for faster and more efficient muscle warming and after training for faster muscle recovery.

Ekcemin Parte®

Ekcemin Parte is the cream for skincare in children and adults.

Ekcemin parte is easy to apply to both face and entire body. It absorbs quickly that makes it suitable for all skin types. Ekcemin Parte is particularly recommended for eczema, especially in babies, as well as for dry, sensitive and intolerant skin prone to irritation and flaking. Assists faster healing of damaged skin by soothing skin inflammation, burns and dermatitis.

Ekcemin Parte contain evening primrose oilcalendula oilpanthenolallantoin and urea whose joint effect retains moisture in the surface layers of the skin and restore the disturbed balance of the natural protective skin barrier that results in fast hydration and regeneration.

  • E. primrose oil
  • Calendula oil
  • Panthenol
  • Allantonin
  • Urea

Evening primrose oil contains essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants that are largely responsible for the remarkable healing properties. Fatty acids are essential for the cell structure, therefore it helps prevent cell damage and strengthen its natural defence mechanisms. Soothes sensitive skin reduces redness and itching, accelerates regeneration and epithelisation of the skin prone to eczema and cracking.

In conditions of impaired venous circulation increases the tone of veins and prevents swelling.

Calendula oil contains vitamins, antioxidant flavonoids and fatty acids that accelerate heeling of surface damage to the skin. It soothes irritated skin with inflammation and burns. Its effect on inflammation and tissue regeneration makes it an effective natural skin healer. Due to its natural restorative properties it is often used to protect delicate, dry and damaged skin.
Panthenol is natural compound essential for the skin function. It balances protective skin barrier function by helping to restore damaged epithelium and reducing transepidermal water loss . Panthenol easily penetrates deep in to the lower layers of skin, binds and retains water in the cells deep within the skins tissue, instantly making the skin softer, smother and more elastic. Regenerates skin damage and has soothing effect on redness and irrigation. When regularly used over a period of four weeks or more it takes on an anti-inflammatory role, relieving systemic itching and helping to soothe a dry skin
Allantoin jis the activator of cell growth that stimulates skin regeneration and epithelization, reducing existing conditions and preventing future skin damage. It is natural soothing, anti-irritant skin protectant that increases water content of the extracellular matrix which provide structural support to skin cells. It increases smoothness of the skin. By promoting cell replication it helps healing of the wounds and burns.
is one of the most effective moisturizing ingredient. It maintains healthy moisture balance, keeping skin soft, supple and youthful, bringing much needed relief to a dry, cracked skin. When it is applied to the skin it penetrates stratum corneum, where it readily absorbs and retains water, thus increasing the capacity of the skin to hold moisture and rehydrate. One of urea’s many benefits is that it helps to accelerate the skin cellular renewal process which helps to strengthen barrier function of the skin, keeping it healthy.
Ekcemin Parte

Difoten cream®

Difotren cream is intended for the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot, which has a beneficial effect on micro-lesions and changes that occur on the feet of people with diabetes. Moisturizes and hydrates the skin, prevents wrinkles, irritation and helps regenerate damaged skin. The active ingredients are allantoin, extracts of mint, extracts of the honey, rosemary and marigold which are well balanced have a strong antimicrobial and antiseptic effect, and thus prevent the possibility of infections in damaged foot skin.